Glitches in the Matrix?

Nothing is a coincidence, God does not play dice. A very intelligent, eloquent and studious man once claimed this.
I, like a good brain-washed consumer and dullard, sometimes allow Family Guy to run on Netflix while I cook or clean around in the morning. This morning I came across an episode in which two cutaways mentioned Mel Gibson and Houdini. One after the other. I was a little taken aback and laughed about it while chopped tomatoes for my sauce.
And when that ended, seeking some sound that was not Mahler or Sibelius in the house, I clicked on another episode. I had previously posted a small video about a cutaway featured on Family Guy that mentioned Alan Rickman's answering machine. In this cutaway, featured on this episode, Rickman reminds himself about a turtle joke for an upcoming party. Brian had previously mentioned that the Akashic Records did indeed affiliate Rickman with a kind of cosmic turtle joke.

I was slightly taken aback at this point. So here is my lovely question; is this merely some
kind of accidental occurence? Or is there something more going on here?

Post Script: my brown rice in Italian tomato-garlic sauce with a poached egg did in fact work. Somehat. Learning to cook is fun!!


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