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  • In an overheard conversation at the recent White House Hanukkah Dinner, it’s been reported that when someone commented on the event saying they didn’t realize President Obama was Jewish, Obama stated in a lighthearted manner while walking away:

    “I am, in my soul.”

  • St. Germain never revealed his actual background and identity, leading to many speculations about him and his origin and ancestry. Some of these include the possibility that he was the son of Francis II Rakoczi, the Prince of Transylvania (who was in exile), or that he was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna of Pfalz-Neuburg, the widow of Charles II of Spain. 

  • Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet", was asked while in trance if Saint Germain was present. Cayce's reply was: "When needed."
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    The Wandering Jew is a mythical eternal whose legend began to spread in Europe in the 13th century. The original legend concerns a Jew who taunted Jesus on the way to the Crucifixion and was then cursed to walk the earth until the Second Coming.


    To protect the world from the impending invasion of the alien species known only as "Evolutionary Invasion Objects" (EIO), the supranational organization DOGOO created special warriors through DNA manipulation called E-Gene holders. These E-Gene holders are the reincarnations of various historical figures. Using special weapons called AU balls, E-gene holders can call forth AU weapons with an affinity to their assigned historical figure and use it against the invaders. Sio Ogura is one of them, being the reincarnation of Oda Nobunaga. However, her memories of her past life are limited only by dreams about the military past. Going on a school trip in Taiwan, Ogura gets caught in the middle of a battle between Evolutionary Invasion Objects and Dogoo's E-gene holders, alongside her classmate Asao Kaoru. When one of the E-Gene holders, the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper, gets incapacitated and Asao ends up in danger when confronting an Evolutionary Invasion object, Sio uses Jack's AU ball to fully activate her E-Gene holder status. She gains her AU weapon, a massive machine gun, and assists the other E-Gene holders to put an end to the Taiwan invasion. After some reluctance, she joins DOGOO at Asao's behest.

  • Second-in-Command of DOGOO. He is the Count of St. Germain, who is immortal and has been with the commander since being asked for help by DOGOO.
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    Many within the Odinist/Asatru movement have asked why we use the term Vril to describe the Life Force of the Gods. If you examine the many different organizations, especially those that explore both Galder and Seither magick, they will touch on the subject of this Life Force, but few ever really get into a deep examination of just what it is. Some groups will refer to it as the "Odic" force, a term used by Karl von Reichenbach. Some simply refer to it as ond, the vital breath of Odin. But whatever name these groups refer to it as, they only touch on it in passing. This is a vital mistake for the understanding of what this force is and its nature and role in the cosmology of the Elder Tradition.

    Other traditions have referred to it by many different names. The Chinese refer to it as chi, the Hindi as prana, the Japanese as reiki, the Romans referred to it as Rhea Kybele, which means "the rolling astral light."

  • Scary... 
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    The Externalization of the hierarchy will just lead to a Communist Utopia. No doubt, Reiki Masters like Bill Roache and S. MacLaine's pals are just an automatic part of this manifestation? Just as the gibbering idiot is the product of Fluoride poisoning? Looks like enlightenment, but it's a reversal that returns to King Arthur's Feudalism. If you encounter a Jedi knight in the forest, kill him!

  • If the Reiki Master fails to transcend himself before he starts to give attunements, he may become the progenitor of monsters?
  • "but it's a reversal that returns to but it's a reversal that returns to King Arthur's Feudalism" - Brian Stalin

    Didn't King Arthur's Feudalism get stopped by someone?
  • "If you encounter a Jedi knight in the forest, kill him!" - BS
    Poor Jedi can't even go for a walk in a forrest without someone wanting to kill them. 
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