The Unfortunate Cloning of Sylvester Stallone

A Harvard student was bewildered on a visit to Vatican City, not because of the beauty or the history, but because a 500-year-old painting by Raphael which shows a man who is an exact doppelganger of Sylvester Stallone. While it's obviously not the real life Sylvester Stallone, the resemblance is uncanny, namely in the cheekbones, chin and the heavy eyes. However, Stallone isn't the only famous celebrity who was named a doppelganger of historical figures and people in paintings.

For some, it confirms the bizarre theory that the Illuminati have long been cloning certain historical figures and placing them into key positions of today's society!

Psychic Power

What is psychic power? It is the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood. It is the ability to see what is and not just what we so eagerly and carelessly want to assume. An important element of psychic power is discernment. Too many people believe that intuition is the most important part of psychic power. This is incorrect.

Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum dowsing is an effective tool to begin connecting with higher levels of our consciousness. It is effective, because we start to use our minds in different ways. We let go of logic and see what lesser used parts of our consciousness have to say. Information is passed to us via the nervous system which, in turn, causes the tiny muscle contractions that allow the pendulum to swing.

Einstein wrote: "I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time."

For the case in hand, simple dowsing techniques suggest that we are dealing with a process known as reincarnation, rather than the process of cloning. Simple common sense also tells us that this is the more plausible explanation. However, common sense, just like psychic power, is something that has to be carefully cultivated. Some people believe that some gifted individuals are born with both - this is incorrect. However, the raw materials and building blocks will be more or less developed depending on what has occurred prior to birth/rebirth.

Vatican City - Hollywood Connections

The belief that certain individuals have the ability to intentionally reincarnate continuously into positions of power from lifetime to the next is quite unfounded. When wealth, power and control are issues, "scum" naturally rises to the top.

Robert Mitchum

What if I told you that the man in Raphael's painting was not a clone or doppelganger of Sylvester Stallone, but actually one of Robert Mitchum's past lives?

What is discernment, exactly? What role does it play in the direct perception of truth - free from ALL filters and False Equivalence?