The Cult of Sol Invictus

Contrary to common belief, Jesus was NOT a Christian. His parents didn't send Him to Sunday school or even to Jesuit College. He certainly didn't wear a crucifix around His neck or pray to statues of His mother. It becomes clear then that Christians are certainly NOT following in the steps of their Master. It's as if they are stubbornly set on going their own way. It is known that Jesus studied Buddhism in Alexandria and perhaps hung out with the holy men of India. Buddhism, of course, is primarily a philosophy and NOT a religion. It's odd that Christianity became a religion. Religion means dogma which can lead to fanaticism and conflict. The death toll attributed to Christian zeal and high jinks is pretty hefty. Furthermore, all satanic practices are based upon the perversion of Christian rituals, making many occultists Black Christians! Despite that, there are a number of parallels between Christianity and Buddhism. It's certainly no wonder why Christians and Christianity are universally hated. However, Christianity may still hold a central and important message, that although now generally considered myth, might turn out to be the most profound and unexpected truth.