The Phoenix Lodge

Psychic Research with a Modern Approach

The Phoenix Lodge holds that James Randi, NOT Sylvia Browne is the TRUE psychic. Psychic power, though, is something that can never be proven through rigid scientific observation, nor by encouraging the childish parlor tricks involved in channeling and the bending of spoons. Gnosis, Kabbalah, New Age thought and channeling are rejected and considered dangerous manifestations of ever-increasing mental degeneracy.

So, what remains? Experience of advanced meditation states (Jhanas) and the exploration of realms beyond thought, utilizing Zen Buddhist practice, allow the mind to expand well beyond its normal confines. When the mind is focused and calm, it can become as sharp and keen as a razor's edge! On returning to normal states of consciousness, the mind can better think in more critical and discerning ways. This allows for more rational forms of deductive reasoning that can be used to tackle the deeper mysteries of Time and Space, as well as for taking a fresh look at the more mundane every-day issues of modern existence.